Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Future Is Orange

Back from holidays, fully recharged! Now getting onto the serious business of incorporating squads and squads (and squads) of Penal Legionairres into the Cadian 512th.

I picked me up a bunchload of Cadians from the Bay of Ecstasy, undercoated them, and have now proceeded to slap on coat after coat of Blazing orange to get that right shade of Bay of Guantanomo jumpsuit. Damn, orange is a tough colour to paint!

Funny thing is, while it was a conscious choice for me to make my criminals of Cadia dress in the most cliched of high prisoner fashion (as opposed to black & white stripey boilersuits, domino masks and bags of 'swag' swung across their shoulder), I've opted to keep the same colour to the armour, helmets and weaponry as the rest of my army (Grey) to maintain some consistency and have noticed the resulting effort is going to come out a little like this:


I'll post pictures of the resulting Imperial Rebel Alliance troopers in due course (if I don't already develop an innate hatred for Blazing Orange by then)..

Disclaimer: Images used without permission.


  1. Welcome back!

    Have you seen mine before?

  2. They are indeed awesome!

    I really like the bar codes, but I've always avoided using decals in all my models (prefer hand painting them).

    Maybe I'll see about handpainting the bar codes, but I've already painted up 30no. guys, and I've another 10 to do!