Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Escape Artistry

Tonight at Wednesday Night Gaming  the group has decided to give the Armageddon Scenarios a go, so my IG are going up against Doug’s Orks at 1500 points tonight, with the other match-ups (SM vs. Orks, and SM/IG vs. Orks) to follow.
Group shot! (Note: Ogryns packed in Chimeras like sardines)
So in anticipation of Mission 1: Stop Da Breakout, I had to come up with a lean, fast, mobile list that can satisfy the mission conditions (a point for every unit escaped to me, a point for every unit killed by my opponent).
Also I had been challenged by local Marine player Laur, to come up with a list with elements from the Codex I haven’t tried yet, so I thought I’d give Ogryns, a Hydra, and a Punisher just for giggles.

Here’s the list I’m bringing tonight:

- Primaris Psyker
- Vet Squad, meltaguns, Chimera with ML, HF & heavy stubber
- Vet Squad, grenade launchers, Chimera with ML, HF & heavy stubber
- Vet Squad, flamers, demolitions, power fist (riding in Valkyrie)
- 6no. Ogryns, Chimera with ML, HF & heavy stubber
- Valkyrie gunship, rocket pods, heavy bolter sponsons
- Hellhound
- 3no. Scout sentinels, autocannons
- Punisher Tank, heavy bolter hull & sponsons
- Hydra

Points total: 1500

I’ve used Ogryns in the past (3rd ed. codex) and I’m pretty impressed by their overall performance, but remain convinced that their an uncompetitive points-sink. Still, I intend to throw them to the Orks and see how much damage I can inflict, and use them to tie-up elements of the enemy.

I’ve taken a Punisher before against ‘Nids, and their great fun with all that dice! But again, points-wise could be better spent elsewhere but since we’re playing a fluffy mission I thought I’d trot this bad boy out again.

Never used a Hydra before, but 2 twin-linked Hydra autocannons (Therefore 4 shots re-rollable at Str 7 AP4 ignores boosted cover saves? Sweet...) with my autocannon Sentinels mean plenty of Dakka to kill me some greenskins!

Looking forward to seeing how the Valkyrie performs, with it's ability to Scout move, move 12" and still fire 2 rocket pods and it's multi-laser. Definitely something to be reckoned with.

Other elements (Hellhound, meltavets, Psyker) I have brought to bring in fast, punchy units that I know can bring plenty of bang for my buck.

Wish me and Doug luck!


  1. Thanks Drax!

    Sadly I had to cancel my game at the last minute because of a family emergency, but will be able to resume it this following Wednesday! Will let you know!