Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Spec Ops: Killzone - Artwork idea!

I'm proud to be involved in Big Jim's latest project, the fan-produced Special Operations: Killzone supplement for skirmish games of 40K. Check it out!!

As ever, real-life concerns (job, money, girlfriend, etc) means ever less time for the blog, less time for games of 40K though I'm doing well in that area at the moment with Wednesday Night Gaming sessions, and obviously less time for projects such as mine own, and others.

What I have done is volunteered my services as and when I can, to help out with 'graphic duties', primarily creating maps for scenarios and objectives with my personal battle-reporting system, and offering worked-up freehand drawings for submitted artwork (e.g. watermarks, illustrations). Again, time is an issue!

However, Karitas over at Excommunicate Traitoris is doing a wonderful job doing the heavy lifting of graphic duties (call him the 'Art Director!') so much so that I feel a bit guilty just occassionally flirting with the idea of working up something... Anything! Just to contribute to Big Jim's wonderful project.

Ideas for artwork I find are always difficult, and for me, I require a real flash of inspiration to spark the process of gritting my teeth and getting down to it. Fortunately, I was trawling through my files and redundant 40K codexes, it occured to me a model/unit I've always loved has never really been captured in an awesome freehand drawing (bar the one) which I shall now seek to do it some justice, in the hopes that it will capture the spirit of this project.

To be continued..


  1. I'd know that sillhouette a mile away...

  2. *salutes* Finest soldiers I ever did paint! Hail to the red berets!

  3. I loved painting them, and am in the process of perparing a little something for Killzone with them in their honour..